Need to move master? what you need to know and Don't get it wrong in the first place!!
Are you already tuning/remapping with a master and feel you've made a mistake? Are you looking to enter the remapping world then this video is for YOU!!!
Get people knowing you now offer tuning services!!!
Being able to offer remapping/tuning is awesome BUT and it’s a big BUT if no one knows you can now offer it how do you get customers for it?? Here we explain a few very easy and simply ways to make people see you!! Check out the links here for more information
Vehicle tuning and your customers, How to avoid issues and easily resolve them if needed.
Here we discuss the reasons and ways to stay in touch with your customers and how you can avoid issues and offer easy and no cost options to help customers feel like they made the right choice with using you to tune their vehicle.
Why are diagnostics so important when Remapping / Tuning anything???
Simon explains in great detail why it is a MUST to carry out basic diagnostics both before and after tuning a vehicle. Finding out if a vehicle already has an underlined issue before tuning it, can help save you a lot of time and aggravation. Always fix the issue first before applying any tune.
Keeping It Simple! Our file credit system For MAX TUNE Dealers And File Only Users - Explained.
This week, the director of MAX TUNE - Simon, explains how our VERY VERY simple file credit system works. 'Its either 6, or a 9'. THAT IS IT!!! Why do soo many companies make it so confusing?!!!
Why would you want to start offering remapping / tuning services we explain all here!!
Here Simon MAX TUNE director talks about the reasons WHY you would start offering remapping / Tuning services and the benefits it could have to your existing or new business, as well as your current or new customers.
Will a remapping tool read EVERY car?
In this video we answer the question 'will a remapping tool read EVERY car' ..... The answer is no. However, there are some great tools out there that are going to give you a huge coverage. It all depends on what you are looking to use the tool on. Get in touch with us to discuss which once is best suited for you.
What is the difference between a Master and Slave tool?!!
Master Vs Slave tool - EXPLAINED. Check out our newest video where Simon talks about the difference between both versions of tools (master and slave) along with what you should look out for when choosing yours. If you are looking to start your remapping journey and want to become a MAX TUNE authorised dealer, get it touch today.
Technical Support - Why it is SOO important!!
Guys, how we doing? Hope everybody's okay. so yeah, here we are another, another weekly episode into the tuning industry. So this week I wanted to talk about why tech support is so important. So tech support shouldn't just be...
Are your files generic, THE ANSWER IS DEFINITELY NO!!!!
Right. So this is another beauty we always get. Are your files generic? Okay. So the answer to that is no, they're not. And the reasons for this is because we tune the software that you read from the car....
"I can get a file or my car tuned for £40" you can but you wont want it!
  Guys, the biggest thing we see in the industry is people always want stuff for cheap. Cheap is not good, hugely expensive is also not value. So what you wanna do is you wanna try and hit the line...
Remapping WHERE TO START????
  Guys, how's everybody doing? I hope we're all okay. This episode I wanted to talk to you about entering the tuning industry. And there's a couple of things that I think isn't really made aware or you don't know...
Why do we offer Dimsport New Genius as a remapping / tuning tool?
So how are we all doing? so you're thinking it of becoming a max Tune dealer and you are unsure of what tool to to use. So we are gonna go through the new Genius today. I'm gonna just talk...
why choose MAX TUNE to join a remapping / Tuning Dealer Network??????
Hi guys. So wanted to talk to you today about becoming a Max Tune dealer. Now, why would you choose us over anybody else? This is a, you know, a good question and it's an important question. You know, there...