Why would you want to start offering remapping / tuning services we explain all here!!

Guys, how we doing Simon from Max Tune. So we talk a lot about remapping, we talk about a lot of things to do with remapping, how to do it, where to go, what to look for, what to do. But we never sort of really address The main thing is why would you even do it in the first place? Why would you, as a company or someone looking to start out on a business, why would you guys even look to start doing remapping? Well, there's, there's, there's, there's quite a few benefits really. So if you own your own garage already, having remapping on the side is a really, really good way of extra income. You've got a captive audience. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. You've already got customers coming to you. It's just upselling them something different. Something that they might be interested in.

 You've got the car there, you've got the customer there. You've already got contact, you should have already had rapport. So that side of things is really easy to just if it's explained properly, is to just add something extra to your business. So, for example, you know, someone comes in for breaks and bits and bobs and things and you go, well, have you ever thought about having a bit more power, having a bit more fun with your car? Are you looking to save some fuel? Maybe? you know, obviously the other side of things is you've got all the added benefits of all the delete systems. So if someone has an EGR problem, you know, an EGR is gonna cost 500 quid to change because that's what the part costs and then your labor costs and stuff like that. But your margin is gonna be pretty slim because you've still got to buy the EGR valve and stuff.

Whereas you can say to your customer, look, you know we'll delete the EGR blanket off, and then you've only got the file cost and the cost of the blanking plate and your margins are huge then for less time, really than changing an EGR valve. DPF deletes, for example, you know, if a customer comes in with a DPF problem, you've got the option to give them to them. You go, right, well, it's full ground for a genuine new dpf, or we can delete it out the system and we can remove the internals for 600 quid, but your margin is still gonna be higher because you don't have to spend as much time doing it. And, you know, you don't have to buy the DPF in the first place. Add blue systems, you know, you've got customer comes in with ad blue fold or an add blue issue, you know, and you've got to change the multiplex pump or you've got to change the tank or, you know, there's, there's the sensors that have gone down and bits and bottom and they all cost a lot of money. Whereas you can delete those for a lesser fee to obviously your customer. So they're gonna be happy. But also you've got an increased margin value. Okay? So the time you spend and the money that you make from the cost of what it is, is gonna be greater. So, and as I say, you've got these people as a captive audience ready to go. Now I'm not saying, you know, you must do this, or Why aren't you doing this? You know, if people are uncomfortable with that or,

They don't want to do that, then that's great, that's fine. You know dpf for example, if you do them properly it's a smoke test at the mot, not a, an emissions test for diesels. So if the car's healthy and it's not smoking before, it won't smoke afterwards. We've done absolutely thousands upon thousands upon thousands of DPF deletes and everyone's passed the mot. So, and that's not just black people used to come to us from all over the country and they'd go back off to their MOT tester or whoever they use and it would never be a problem. Same with egr, same with add blue. So you've just got those, not not just going faster because not everybody that comes into your garage or your workshop or you go and see is gonna wanna go faster, but it's something else you can advertise.

You've got the premises there, you should have battery charges, you've got ramps, you've got all sorts of things ready to go. You just need the tool. You're probably more than likely gonna have a computer on site as well if not a laptop, because a lot of diagnostic systems use laptops, you know, like Mercedes Star and things like that. Is the, you know, you need a laptop to run those Ford Eaters. So you've already got a laptop there and it's basically adding, what's the easiest way to explain it? It's like adding a diagnostics tool to another diagnostics tool that's actually gonna make you more money than a 60 pound diagnostics. You know, the, the diagnostics tools make you money because they will diagnose something and then you can obviously go and ask for the repair and, and so on and so forth from the customer.

But the, with, with the tuning tool, and it gives you so many more options, so many more options. And that is predicated on the fact that you've already got business coming in. These, these people are already on your premises. They're already looking for you to do work. They already trust you because they're coming to you and no one else. So, as I say, these are like shoot fish in a barrel if you already own your own business like repairs or, or even if you're a mobile mechanic, you know, even better cuz they're, they're, they're happy for you to come out. And these people are sitting there wondering how they're gonna afford their EGR valve replacement or what they're gonna do with the ad blue. And it says 500 miles to non-start, a hundred miles to non-start, 50 miles to non-start and they can't afford a whole ad blue tank or a whole ad blue pump.

Can we delete it for you? Is that something you'd be interested in who'll never, ever go wrong again because it looks like it doesn't exist. Yes, please. Oh, great. Okay. There's the huge margin. So you've got a sale or you've got some business that you wouldn't have necessarily had if the customer can't afford those repairs, but you can give them a more economical, more economically viable option of egr, delete, dpf, delete, add blue, delete, you know, also advertise, just, just, just advertising the fact that you offer a stage one with other things, you naturally find that people will come. Why

Is that a benefit for you as why would you even bother starting to do it? Well, it's less time to do that than it is to do a lot of jobs, less time to tune a vehicle for a larger margin. So what you're effectively doing is getting more money for less time. Sounds like a good plan to me. More money, less time. Yes, please. And as I say, you know, if you've already got these customers said no-brainer. If you're looking to start on your own and start out doing something, it's a good idea to have some form of mechanical background. It really is. You're not gonna lie to you and go, oh, you know, if you haven't got a clue, then this is definitely the way to you. We are not, we're not gonna sell you some Ponzi scheme, some pyramid scheme, some, some way <laugh>.

Like like other people within the tuning industry, not mentioning in any names but it's a circle and they're black and they code a bit. If you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I'm talking about. If not, then I'm not gonna go anymore. But we won't say to you, oh, you know, you are gonna make thousands of thousands every single week without any problems and you'll do this and you'll do that and you'll do, no, no, no, no. You do need to have some sort of idea because people don't always look after their cars. In fact, most people don't really look after their cars. And so you're gonna have to understand the diagnostics process before and the diagnostics process afterwards. Because if there is something with the car, you need trader's insurance, you're gonna only drive these cars.

You need gonna make sure they're okay. And you're gonna need to know what you're looking at. So, you know, if, if you have a customer that then goes out down the road or you'll take the car down the road and you have like over boost issue, well you're gonna have to know after it's been tuned, you're gonna have to know how to diagnose that. Is it the variable vein timing variable veins in the turbo? Is it the wastegate? Is it the N 75 valve? Is it the wastegate control? You know, all those sorts of things. Is it? Those sorts of things. Now we can help you and we will try and help you as much as we physically can. And most of the time we've seen pretty much everything that's happened. You know, and if we haven't seen it, then we can pretty much find out what it is.

 Even remotely, you know, because we can control your computers, we can look at all your diagnostic stuff as well. We can get you to do certain things and certain tests and stuff like that, but having some idea would be good. And you're also gonna need diagnostics tools and things like that. So we are not, I don't want to say to you, oh, you know, you're gonna make thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds in the first weeks. Everything in the world needs a bit hard work. Before, you know, you reap rewards of things. You don't get anything for nothing in this world. And just having a piece of equipment does not make you thousands and thousands of pounds. You make thousands and thousands of pounds, you put the effort in and you guys make it, and we will help you along that way. We will make things as easy as possible for you, but you still have to do the work. However, saying all of that, let's

Say for example, you are charging 300 pounds of remap. You do three a week, three cars, right? So let's say that's, let's be really, really, really, really, really generous and say that's two and a half hours a car, let's say three hours a car, you might have some issues. So it's nine hours a week for 900 quid, a hundred pounds an hour. Yep. That seems pretty good to me. Now you won't always, you won't get three cars a week straight off the bat. And anybody that says you do is gonna be lying to you, unfortunately, you know, they're just gonna be lying to you. Especially if you are an unknown and you've just started out and your company's unknown and nobody knows who you are, you ain't gonna get three cars a week. But let's say for example, you get one car a week because you've advertised on Facebook, you've got a nice, you've spent some time on a website, you know, you already know, you've got friends and family or you got, you know, you're in certain clubs and meets and things like that with cars and people get to know who you are.

You might get one a week. Well, one a week. What's that?

That's still 1200 pound a month, you know? No, I know that's not a huge amount at the moment, but from starting off to 1200 pound a month isn't too bad. Yes, you're gonna have the cost of the tool upfront, but within the first month you've almost paid for the tool that you paid out for. So you've got your money back and now you're starting to make profit. So realistically, what does it give you? It gives you time, it gives you flexibility to be you. It gives you extra profit margin, it gives you more money, extra profit, especially if you are own your own company already, your own business in the automotive world, you are going to gain a huge amount from a very little outlay, really. So our new genius, for example, 1749, 1,749 quid that's less than the cost of some of the nice big diagnostics tools you can get out there.

 And then that is gonna make you, let's say 300 pound pop you know, the maths sort of stack up for themselves and then you've got more time to do other things or you've got more time to yourself to not have to do other things because your profit margin is so big in comparison to what you would do, say on a break change or an exhaust change or whatever the case might be. So yeah, that is why you would want to get into it. Also, if you love cars and you love making people feel great about their car, again, honestly it sounds a bit wishy-washy. It sounds a bit tree huggy, but watching people's faces, honestly, once we've tuned their car and they've gone off the road and they've come back and they've gone, wow, that is awesome. You are making something better than the manufacturer did.

Purely because they're constrained by different laws, different things, and obviously they have modular engines that they want to sell you at certain prices and then sell, you add extra 50 brake horsepower within the software, but still the same engine still cost the same to manufacture and then sell you that for more. And so they've got all their little tricks you can do. They do, but you will make that car better than it did was when it came out the factory. And especially if someone's been having DPF issues for the last three months and they've come to the end of their tether and they've done three grand on just cleaning it and doing all this and doing all that, and then you come along and save them all that headache and all that pain and anguish is done. It's gone from the car, it's out of the system.

DPF light can never come on, nothing can ever happen again. You are the man. And honestly, that feels great when you, especially when you've seen people that have been struggling and they just look at you and go, wow. Is is, is that all sorted? Yep, that's all sorted. Wow, my car feels amazing. Excellent, I'm glad you're really happy. And, and and, and, and it, and it's a nice thing changing an exhaust for a standard exhaust that goes back on. For example, you are just making the car back to what it should have been with tuning and with, with the software solutions. You're making a car better than it was not just back to standard, but better. And customers really, really enjoy that. And, and, and it's not for everybody. You know, I'm not gonna say everybody out, there's gonna be one, but you're pretty silly if you don't tune a car.

However, in saying that it's not for everybody, but it's a genuine sense that you are making a difference to somebody's life. You've got more time back and you've got more money. I mean, genuinely, that's what it's about. So more money, more time. You are making a difference to somebody's life and you're making a difference to how they feel about their cars. And if you love cars as much as I do, that is an awesome feeling. I love my time and I love the money. So you know, not mincing about we're all in this, you know, I probably would do it for free to be honest with you cause I, I really enjoy it. But we're not all in it for free. <Laugh>, you know, we've got families to feed, mortgages to pay you know, rent to pay. So yeah, if you want an opportunity to start getting some time back, better profit margins, if you own your own business shooting fish in a barrel with your order of customers, you wanna start a business, it's all doable.

We will help you as much as we possibly can technically and help with customers. If you're having a sort of sticky day, a sticky problem with the customer, you know, we'll always try and help, especially with the diagnostic side of things. You know, we will try and help. We can guide you in what diagnostics tools are the better ones for you, depending on what you do, depending on the cards you see. That's why we've got dealers around the world, everywhere. We're on every single continent in the world. And I think it's because they trust what we say and how much we try and help people. And obviously the quality of the software that they don't get comebacks. And you know, when you're tuning somebody, the

Last thing you want is somebody to come back because now that's costing you extra time that you would've saved. So we'll do it right in the first place, but that's another video. There are some other videos on our YouTube channel that go through obviously what we do and how we do it. So yeah, thanks for watching guys. Think about it. If you want a new career or you want extra work, that's minimal effort in your workshop with a better profit margin and you wanna start earning your own money and be your own man, max Chin, we're here for you. Alright guys.