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MAX TUNE is investing in our growing professional Remapping Dealer Network. We are industry specialists, not only in terms of retail services, but also as a high-quality file provider. We are seeking automotive professionals to join our Network. Increase your services to include remapping services and solutions for DPF and EGR issues.

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Personal OBD Remapping

TRUETUNE and truetunetouch

Our personal OBD remapping tools , Truetune and TruetuneTouch are the revolution in personal car tuning. MAX TUNE software at your finger tips. truetune and MAX TUNE do all the hard work for you.  It combines cutting edge technology with the simplicity of a modern smart phone!

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The MAX TUNE dealer network spans the globe and as such we should have one near you! Check the map, enter your postcode and see your nearest MAX TUNE Dealer! Our dealers are authorised to provide you with our Tuning software, we have no control over their business.

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Are you a master??

If you have your own master tools you can still buy our software, simply register on our dealer portal, purchase credits and start uploading to receive your tuned software back within the hour!!

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MAX TUNE software

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping will not only improve the engine power and torque figures; it will also sharpen the throttle response and widen the power-band. This will make the power delivery a lot more linear, which in turn will make the vehicle feel a lot livelier to drive and the engine more flexible.

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Our worldwide network of dealers will be able to apply our software to your car! You purchase the software here and we will organise for you to get it installed by your nearest MAX TUNE authorised dealer. OR you can purchase our truetune and apply our software yourself!!!

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