Keeping It Simple! Our file credit system For MAX TUNE Dealers And File Only Users - Explained.

Hi guys. Simon from Max Tune. So we are back for another episode on our YouTube channel here to try and help you. So let's talk about our credit system and how we operate. If you are an authorized dealer of ours, we and I want to keep things exceptionally, exceptionally simple, making things more difficult than they need to be. Just causes ag for you, causes ag for us, and it's, it's a bit more difficult for you to know your pricing structure when you are talking to your customers. So, excuse me, we have two pricing structures, six credits or nine credits, that's it. Six or nine. So what do these get you? Six and nine credits. So six credits gets you any, any change to the file? I E G R, delete, dpf, delete, add, blue, delete I don't know, speed limit removal, injector scaling immobilizer off, all those sorts of things.

It will get you any of those altogether. So you can have five in the same file or just the one or seven in the same file. It doesn't matter. And that will only cost you six credits because you don't want the car to go faster. We are not tuning the vehicle to go faster. Okay? Nine credits gets you all of that already. So you can have seven deletes, you can have Pcode deletes, you can have lambda sensor deletes all with, you know, all sorts of other stuff that you want. And the car will go faster for nine credits. You can also just do obviously nine credits without any deletes if that's what you want. But if you want the car to go faster, we charge nine credits. If you don't want the car to go faster but you want add-ons and everything else, then it's six credits.

That is it. I do not believe in overcharging for stuff, making things more complicated than they need to be. You know, we take the rough with the smooth stage one, stage two, some hybrid turbo setup, whatever. It's all just nine credits. We take the rough with the smooth sometimes it takes us a long time to get something right and we'll put that effort in and we will be there and support you through that. A lot of the time it's a lot of stage ones. So we take the rough with the smooth when it comes to things like that. And we don't think that maybe you should be charged 12 credits or 13 credits or 14 credits for a stage two or stage three or stage one. It is what it is. Six credits not to go faster, nine credits to go faster. It cannot be more simple and it makes life easier when you know what they are. You can, you can set a pricing structure for your customers and for what you are advertising with because you know that you've got a solid base to start from when you know what you, what it costs from us. You know, like any, any supplier albeit software or manufacturing

This, if you know where you stand with the prices, you know what you can charge your customer. So for example, you know, I mean a lot of dealers out there I say in the UK for example, I mean obviously there are others around the world which we have, but anywhere you go to, you're gonna go to your part supplier, you're gonna have your part supplier and they say to you, oh well, you know, it is, it is normally gonna be sort of may, maybe, I don't know, like a flat 25%. We will give you 25% off of everything that you get because you order X amount over the course of the month. Excuse me. And you know, when you ring up or you look on a price online or whatever, it gives you your price so you know what you are gonna be making on top of that.

 And then you can pass that on to the customer and you can set your pricing. We wanna be the same. Cause there are some tuning companies out there that go, ah, it's three credits for this, it's seven credits for this, it's nine credits for this and it's 10 credits and you ain't got a, you can't remember it all. You will after time I suppose, but when you're starting out, the last thing you really wanna be doing is going to your customers. Let me get back to you. Let me get back to you. Let me get back to you. You wanna be able to give them concise, accurate, clear information from the start. And a lot of it is about the price. You know, if you can't give them a price on the phone, they'll end up ringing somebody else the cat.

And that's why we wanted to keep our system simple. So it keeps your system simple to engage with your customers and get your fixed pricing sorted. And so you know what's what, and you'll know every time you go out to a job, ah, you know what I'm trying, I'm paying, you know, I'm charging them 350 quid for a stage one, I know what it's gonna be, nine credits. And then they're there and then the customer goes, oh, can you do an EGR delete and a DPF delete? Yeah, sure, sure, absolutely. Yeah, no, that's fine, not a problem. Say like the EGR delete, it's like, oh, can you do, can you delete the EGR whilst you're there? You are not paying us any more money. It's nine credits with the EGR in it or not. That's what it is. But you know, you can go, yeah, it's 60 quid more or it's a hundred pounds more or whatever it is that you wanna charge, but you know, it's not costing you any more money to have add-ons to have extra services because you're already paying the maximum that you will pay.

That's simple. And we think that that works really, really, really well. Well, because there's extra money for you guys to be made as well. For us, we're already doing the file, we're doing the hard bit tuning it anyway. So let's find the EGR structures, let's find, you know the DPF maps and things like that. We are in the software anyway, so for us to be able to offer that to you, it doesn't make a huge difference. But for you with the customer, that makes a huge difference. And that enables you to have that option to add things on knowing it's not costing you as the guy tuning the car anymore money. And that's

What I like, that's what I always, how I always wanted to operate things. So yeah, it's always beneficial for you if you are going, if you are looking at other tuning companies, look at how they're structured and how and how their credit systems work, if they have credits or how they're pricing, oh, it's this for this and that for that and this for this. Cuz when you're there, then you got to go, right, okay, well it's 30 extra, I'm gonna have to pay for the egr so that means I'm gonna have to add this. It doesn't matter. Nine credits. If you want it to go faster with as many deletes as you damn well want on that car, it's gonna cost you nine credits for as many deletes as you want on that car. Without it going faster, it's gonna be six credits. I mean I can't think of it being any easier <laugh>. So yeah guys, thanks for listening. I hope that helps and I hope that gives you some indication that if you're not just looking for us, you're looking around to what, what, what to look for and and, and how pricing structures work. So yeah, take it easy.