Need to move master? what you need to know and Don't get it wrong in the first place!!


Guys, how are we doing? Simon, from Max Tune again, here we are with another episode about a remapping dealer network or becoming a remapping dealer, and we're gonna try and help you as much as you can. Now, today we wanna talk about moving master. Now, I think I've explained before master enslaves. So the master has access to all the open files and the slaves are obviously, as it sounds, slave to that master, which means that the files that are read from that slave can only be decrypted by that master, and then the files that attuned are sent back to that slave. And only that slave can write that tuned file in because they're linked together. Now, if you've been tuned for a little while or you decided to go with somebody, this is why it's so important to choose the right master in the first place.

But if you decided to go with somebody and you think, oh my God, what have I done? I've really balls this up here. I'm not getting any support. The files are rubbish. I'm having to do like seven revisions just on a DPF delay. You know, they're not available. I'm waiting four hours for a file. I mean, and what, what is going on? I, I need to move master because this is my business. And obviously, you know, you wanna protect your business as much as possible and damn right, and so you should, so you know, you wanna move master. The problem you're gonna have is you have to ask that master for permission. And unfortunately, there's no legalities to say that they have to release you. What it, I, it's a bit mental. I know what is that all about? But there is no legality that they have to release you.

Now, fortunately people like alien tech, dim sport you know, they're quite cool and if the master is just being specifically unfair or disadvantaging you, then they can override that and we can make a case for you. And we have done for quite a few dealers over the last year or so where we've, the, the original master wasn't happy with them leaving for some reason because some people aren't particularly nice and we've stepped in and we've spoken to alien tech or we've spoken to Dim Sport and we've said, look, this is the case, this is what's going on. And then dim sport or alien tech have actually spoken to the master and then they've made a choice and gone, mm, yeah, that's a bit unfair. So we'll let that one go and we'll allow that to move auto tuna. Us as masters, we release the tool ourselves.

We don't have to get involved. We're talking to them. There's literally a button on our dashboard online and we can go release. Now us, we don't hold you in and if you wanna move, you are free to go. We will never, ever stop you from going for whatever reason you want. If you wanna upgrade to a master at all, you wanna upgrade the slave to a master. Or if you wanna move to somewhere else, you know, a different master, we haven't got a problem. And I'll tell you for why, because we don't feel the need to trap you into anything because you will be happy with the service that you get. If you are happy with everything that you are getting, you have no reason to move, you have no reason to go anywhere. So what is the point in trapping you in to something that you don't wanna be there?

You know? I mean, but if you are happy, and that is our business ethos, we will make everything as smooth and as easy and as helpful and will be available as much as possible. So you will be happy to stay with us, and that's why we don't need to trap you in. So if you ever want to go anywhere, please feel free, feel free. You know, so that's not a problem from us, but be careful with the master that you take in the first place that that is an option for you. Because if you've never done something before, or if you have never been tuning before or you've never emptied that this sort of market, you know, you may make a mistake. And you need to be reassured that if you have made a mistake with where you've been or what you're doing or who you've gone with as a master, that you can rectify that mistake and that you can freely move.

 Some companies charge a fee to release you as being a, as being a slave. Yeah, I don't agree with that either. Some people just will flatly refuse. Yeah, I'm not okay with that. I mean, if you owe that company money, fair enough. You know, if you are a slave and you owe this company a thousand pounds and then you say you wanna release, well, how are they gonna get their money back? You know, that's, that's something that's fair enough. But because we have a credit system and you pay as you go you can't get a file from us unless you paid for it. And so it negates all of that need for you to owe us any money and for us to ever go, no, you can't move because we won't do that. If you are genuinely unhappy, God knows why, but if you are genuinely unhappy, you have the freedom to move master.

Not everybody has that luxury. There are lots and lots of people that are moving to us from other masters because they haven't been happy with the file providing service that they've had, they've not been happy with the time scales in which the the, the files are coming back. They've not been happy with the technical support when there's an issue with the file. They've had to do 7, 8, 9, 10 revisions on just something easy. Like the customer's gone away and then gone. Well, that's not been sorted. All right? Bring it back and then you waste your time having to do something again that you should have already just happened once and then you shouldn't have to do it again. You know, it, it's a whole range of things. And so there are lots of things to consider when you want to get into it or if you are already doing it, and if you're not happy, you should be able to move.

And that's the way we operate. We want people to feel like they're not trapped. You're not trapped with us, you'll never be trapped with us. And we've had three people leave in five years, and two of those are down to circumstances. Like they've sold their tool because they're not doing it anymore. And then the new person who's purchased the tool already has a master and so they've moved it onto their, you know, which is, which is perfectly fine. And that's cool, but yeah, like three, I think it's like three or four people in four years. I mean, you know, out of the amount of dealers that we've got, it's because we will provide you with tech support, not just on the file, but tech support with the car, tech support with the customer to be able to help you say what you need to say to the customer, help you diagnose the car problems with the tool itself.

 You know, we will have a hours turnaround at time. We're always contactable, we're always fri friendly, polite, considerate, kind. We understand that you as a business owner, it's your customer at the end of the day. And that's what's important. Your customer is the one that pays you. We don't pay you. Your customer pays you. And so we understand that if your customer is happy, your are happy, if your customer's happy, they will come back. If your customer's happy, they will tell other people about you and want those people to their friends and stuff to come and use you. And all of those things are important to us. Not trapping you in and tying you into something like a lengthy contract or never releasing you. That is not what we're about and that works for us. We've found that many, many people are very, very happy with the fact that they have the choice to go somewhere, you know?

And not that they do, but they have the choice. Having the choice is just as important as being as as doing it. You know, so you never feel trapped. And so that's one thing to consider when you are looking for a master or you are looking to get into it and you're looking to start the business, consider who you're going to and can you get released from that master? Should it not go as smoothly as you want it to, or if you feel you've made a mistake or whatever the case might be, you should be free to be able to move and move master as you wish. Obviously subject to you not owning them any money or doing something detrimental to their company. But but yeah, that's the way we operate. You are never tied in. There's no contracts, there's no fees, there's no, you know, oh, you must stay with us or we won't release it.

There's none of that. You are free to do as you wish. You've paid for the tool. It's your tool. It's up to you what you wanna do with it. And as I said, you know, we, three or four people over the last four years have moved and a couple of those had like weird reasons anyway or slightly different scenarios. And that's because, you know, we are completely transparent with you and we'd rather be like that because honesty with you as the, as the business owner is the best policy. So yeah, I hope that helps. I hope that's something that you can consider when you are looking to, when you're looking to get into the tuning industry or if you are already there and you're hoping to move master or you're looking to move master, just ask a question. You know, saying all of that, there are some that are actually perfectly all right and they'll go yeah, okay. If you want to. And there are some that really are not okay and it's a uphill battle, but you are the one left with it. So make the right choice in the first place, guys. Alright? Please like, and subscribe. And yeah, keep watching and there'll also be some other videos about the tuning industry and yeah, we'll try and help you as much as we can. Awesome.