Tuning Talk

Altering a Map
Altering a Map Altering a map is a complex process, which is difficult to explain fully here. However, we have covered some of the basic points below. The internal combustion engine works by burning fuel and air, converting this chemical...
Methods of Remapping
Methods of Remapping All petrol cars sold within Europe since 1st Jan 2001 and all diesel cars manufactured from 2003 must have OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) systems to monitor engine emissions. Although, OBD systems have been fitted to many vehicles since...
Significant Power Gains
You may wonder how so much power can be extracted from some vehicles. Certain vehicles offer unbelievable gains in power and torque following a Remap. Often the vehicles that offer the best increase in power and torque were severely detuned from factory. 
The Factory Detune
When a vehicle is manufactured for global sale it must be able to cope with many different environments. The vehicle must be able to deal with the poor quality fuels sold in less developed countries, perform at high and low altitudes, cope with poor or non-existence servicing and perform with severe differences in temperature. 
Maps and Remapping
An ECU has a piece of software (or program) loaded onto it, which controls the hardware components of an engine. 
What is an ECU
During the early 1980s, vehicle technology changed significantly with the implementation of computer technology. Electronic Control Units (ECUs) were introduced to improve performance and efficiency.