"I can get a file or my car tuned for £40" you can but you wont want it!


Guys, the biggest thing we see in the industry is people always want stuff for cheap. Cheap is not good, hugely expensive is also not value. So what you wanna do is you wanna try and hit the line between good and good value. and we try and do that as much as possible. If not, I think we do it specific specifically well. we have people that go to come to us and go, oh, you know, well I can get a remap done for 40 quid. Well go and get it done for 40 quid then, because likelihood is your car's not gonna be in the best state. it's not probably a car that we wanna tune anyway. If you're looking to get a car for 40 done tuned for 40 quid. and also the amount of work, effort time and doing things properly does not translate into be able to do it for 40 pounds.

That is utterly ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. And you know, you need all the right stuff. So if you think about it, diagnostic systems, the tuning system, the software to actually change and modify the file itself, the overheads, the staff, the insurances, the bits. And, but no way can you do that for 40 quid. If you are getting it for 40 pounds somewhere, be very, very, very sceptical and careful about where that software's coming from, what that software is or what's actually happening. Honestly, pay decent money and get decent software. Your car is your second biggest asset. Mostly you have house, then you have car. Your car probably does more than your house to be fair. It takes you to places it gets you to work, it picks your children up, it takes you out on holidays, it goes to nice places with your children, goes out to dinner, does all of these things, and you are gonna stick for you quid on it.

It's like having your house, you know, and you've got a boiler and, and the guy comes in and goes, oh yeah, I can fit a boiler for a hundred quid. And, and, and I include the boiler as well. You go, no mate, that is not going in my house. Who knows what that is. And you need to be the same thing for your, for your car as well. Paying too much is not always good either. because it's just sort of, there's no point in paying too much. And there are companies out there charging exorbitant amounts of fees. And if they can get it, great, happy days, you know, they can get it. but I think there's a good line between value and good value, good value for money. That's what we are after. So most of our dealers will be about 300 pounds for a remap if they if they're authorized dealers from us. So I e the software will come from us. Most of 'em will charge about 300 pounds and a bit more. And that's a good figure to be round. Cause they're gonna have all the insurance, they're, and I have the right equipment. They're gonna have all the diagnostics, the knowledge, the time, the understanding the electric, the staff bills, the telephone costs, if they've got Dynos, you've got them to run and pay for and all those sorts of things come in. So for quid,

No, that is not the tune you want. So when you're out there, just be careful. Do research, do research. I always say this to people, do as much research as you can and make sure that you are happy. Talk to the company, speak to them, ask them questions. If you don't necessarily know what questions you want to ask, then we are gonna go through those as well. So yeah, ask questions and do not pay 40 pounds.