Are your files generic, THE ANSWER IS DEFINITELY NO!!!!

Right. So this is another beauty we always get. Are your files generic? Okay. So the answer to that is no, they're not. And the reasons for this is because we tune the software that you read from the car. We don't know go, go, go and get a copy. We don't. Just banging something that we've done before, every car is different. It's been used differently, it's been run differently, it's been looked after differently. It operates in different altitudes, different fuels, different speed restrictions, different air quality, different, you name it, it's different Now we've got dealers guys that read software for their customers send it to us. We tune it, we send it back to them. We've got those around the world. We are on every single continent. Therefore, we've seen pretty much every different type of scenario you can imagine. So we would never tune a vehicle the same say from the UAE.

 that's gonna be during the summer, 45, 50 degrees C and that's gonna be different to someone that lives in Scotland. You know the car will also be set up from factory differently for that environment. Cause once you buy a car, it's got to what got to work in so many different environments and emissions laws are different so they can change things and all sorts of stuff. So it's very, very, very important that no files are not generic and we will not ever supply a generic file. Everything we do is tuned to the car that is being read, that is being tuned. So whether it be a dealer or a true tune user, whatever software comes off of that car and is sent to us is the software that gets tuned. And it is so important to keep that like that instead of going, oh yeah, well we've done something like that before.

That'll do that will do is not in our vocabulary. What we want to do is the best that we possibly can with what we've got. Okay? So for you as a customer, you know, if you go to a max tune dealer, you are gonna get that service. You're gonna get the, the file that you want that's on your car tuned for that car and that software. if you're a true tune user, exactly the same principle. Whatever file you send us that you've read from the car, that is what is getting tuned. There is nothing else. Like, it's not just something else that we've done. We just smash it. Cuz you can't do that. You can't just smash on something that you may have done before. Because as I say, every car's different. There's software numbers, different upgrade numbers, different hardware's that different, all sorts of stuff. So we always, always make sure that whatever we get sent is what gets tuned and that gives you peace of mind, you know, as a dealer offering files offering tuning services to your customers, you know, what you're getting,

You know, are getting software that has been tuned properly as a true tune user. You know, somebody who buys our personal OBD room app tool that you read the software, you know, what you're getting back is designed for your car. It is designed for your car, not make this car down the road, not someone else who's got the same car as you, your car. And that I think is exceptionally important. So do we offer generic files now? do we do the best that we can? Yes. Do we always tune the software that we have given to us from the vehicle that's being tuned? Yes. And is that always best? Yes, it is. So yeah, there we go. So no, we don't offer generic files. We'll never offer generic files. We're not interested in generic files. We build bespoke custom software, even albeit just a stage one.

We'd rather make sure that that car is running the way that it should do and have software that compliments everything about that particular car that it can do. That's what's important, not just banging out numbers. And unfortunately, you know, there are, there are others out there that will just go on with generic files and hope for the best. That's not us. We're not interested in that. so yeah, there we go. That was a question and answer that we got asked and and I'm proud of that. I'm proud that we don't offer generic files and nor will we. So whatever you buy from us or you buy from Adina or you go and see a guy who offers max tune software and you sort stuff out with him, you know, whatever happens, that software that's going on your vehicle is the one you want. So yeah. Awesome. Thanks for listening guys. Check back soon.