What is the difference between a Master and Slave tool?!!

Guys, welcome to another episode. I'm Simon from Max Tune and we are trying to enlighten people on the world of the tuning industry and how it really works. And what really happens because honesty is actually the best policy. Today I wanna talk about master and slaves. Now you might have heard this, if you're looking into getting into the tuning industry or you are already in it, slaves, masters, well what's that all about? What, what is the actual difference? Okay, so us as a dealer network, we offer slave devices. And basically the, it's kind of explained in the title, A slave device means that you are slave to our master, which in fundamentally basic terms means any file you read from a car is then encrypted and only us that are the master can decrypt that file to open it up and then we can then adjust and modify certain parts of the file depending on what you're asking for.

And we then encrypt it back up. So it can only be written by your tool. Okay? So you may have heard open bin files, okay? Master tools are not encrypted when you read the software, okay? So if you've read, if you've read a car and it's a master tool, then you will be open to open that software or you can send it off to anywhere you like and open that and they can open that software. It's not encrypted to one master tool. And that is the same with all the tools that are out there. If it's a slave, it will be encrypted and locked to one master. Great thing is you can normally move tools around and you can change master. However, be very, very careful when you are looking to join a tuning network. We example, we have no contracts and we do not hold you and we do not charge you to move master.

The reason we do that is because we do not feel that we need to tie people into a contract to be with us. You will be with us because of the quality of service that you provide, that we provide, the tech support that we provide and the quality of the software that we provide. I don't need to make you sign something to stay with us. If you ever want to move, you ring us up, we'll get it sorted and we are happy for you to move. Now, I mean in the last seven years we've probably had four people move masters from us. Four. And that was for various sort of different reasons. And that's it. Four out of all the dealers we've got and we don't have a contract. So when you are looking to join a a, a A dealing network or a tuning dealer network, always ask the question, can I release my tool from you if I'm unhappy. Now, something like Genius for example, they need you to be with that master for six months before they will release it. So the dim sport

Themselves have set that time, which has nothing to do with the dealer, nothing to do with the master, nothing to do with the slaves dim sport, the actual tool manufacturer that, that states. You have to be with that master for six months. Other tool manufacturers like auto tuna and stuff like that, you can just swap and change as much as you damn or like as long as the master releases you now some masters will not release you and it doesn't matter if you are unhappy, it doesn't matter if you've got a thousand pounds worth of credits with them. It doesn't matter if you've got no credits with them. It doesn't matter if all their files are absolutely rubbish, some masters will not release you. And this I find pretty or boring because at the end of the day, you've spent your money and you've invested your money into be able to providing your customers quality software to tune their vehicle, and you are not happy with the software, with the service, with everything else, you should be able to move.

 And that's why we personally we, we don't tie you into any contract. If you're unhappy, go, you know, please be, feel free to go and find something that you are happy with. But as I say, I mean four over the last five years is, is, is is pretty good. And they were for other reasons anyway like they've sold at all because they've stopped doing it. And then that tool wants to then be a master to somebody they know and that's fine, you know, we are happy to do that. We don't have an issue. But as I say, other tool manufacturers that do not let you other tool manufacturers, other dealers are the masters that will not let you move is disgusting. It's not on, it's your money, it's your tool. And I think you should be able to decide where you are happy with.

As I say, I mean we don't tie you into anything purely because we don't need to. We just don't need to make you have to spend money with us. You'll do it because you want to, because you're happy with the service and you're happy with the quality of files. So all slaves will be tied to a master. The master means that we can decrypt and encrypt codes files to be able to sent to you as the slave. So you can write it in on the car. If you are a slave, you will not be able to open the software that we send to you or that you read from the car and see actually what's changed. You're gonna need a master to do that. As a master we can read a car and we can see everything and we can put it into our we, we use various different software's.

We know swifttech, so on and so forth. And we can open this file and actually do the modifications and then send it back to you or write it onto a car that we do in. The main difference between these two are those points. And a slave will cost significantly less than a master because with a master you can start a slave network. So a slave tool for example, like a genius 1600 pounds, the master version of that is gonna cost you about four and a half thousand pounds. Yes. And you go, what? Blind me? That's a lot of money to do the same thing. Yes it is. But you will then be able to open it, open the software and modify it. The the problem that you have is if you don't know how to tune a car, you'll never be able to modify that software that takes ages to learn using something like WINOLS or SwiftTech.

We mostly use wins to modify the software. It takes a long time to learn and it's not easy. And it, there is no other way. It just takes ages to learn. Someone who says, oh, I can just use it in, in in a couple of months. You're lying, you, you're talking rubbish. If you're gonna tune it yourself and you, you the company's gonna be tuning it. They need some people that have been doing it for a long time to be able to do it properly. So if you don't know how to tune cars using winos, using swift tech, applying solutions, those sorts of things, then the real option for you is a slave because you then entrust that to the master to be able to do that. Again. It's another good thing that when you are looking to move master, who are they?

How many files they supply? What's their history like, are they good quality? Ask around maybe, you know, ask other people that are in their network. I mean for us we have a whole dealer map and all of our dealers will be more than happy to talk to somebody and go, ah, yeah, I've been using them for you know, two, three years, never had a problem. Awesome. You know, so you can do a bit of research. I mean 1500 quid is about the same cost as a decent diagnostics tool, but the thing with the slaves is that it can make you a lot more money purely because you say you do a diagnostics on a car, the diagnos machines cause you're 1500 quid, you're charging a customer 50 quid to tell 'em what it is. Great, you know, that is awesome and that is, that is how things work.

But if you charge, if you pay 1500 quid for a slave tuning tool and you apply a tune to their car, you can be going collecting 300, 350 pounds, you know, and that's much better than 50 quid. So for the cost of a slave tool, which is the cost of a diagnostics tool, you can earn a lot more off off of it. Now we have a lot of master tools so we can accept slaves from other dealers, we can obviously provide you with tuning tools. They'll all be slave tools, which is slave to us. There's a say, there's no contract. So if you're not happy you can move. We are more than happy for that, as I keep saying. And so what you are really gonna want if you can't tune it yourself or you don't really know and you're not expected to know because as I say, it takes a long time, a slave device is the one you want.

You can go and get clone tools. This is a bug bear of mine. The clone tools are not warranted, they're not great. Some of them work quite well, but you don't know when you write it, when you write something to the car, you are unaware if it's doing the checksums properly. Has it done the checksums properly? This is something I'll explain later, but checksums properly. If it doesn't car start, that's it. Game over. So clone tools use with exceptional caution if at all. I would say steer clear, pay the money, get the quality, get it right first time every time. But yeah, there are some clone master tools out there, but they're starting to get whittled out. I mean it's very difficult to find a master genius clone almost impossible CMD clone, almost impossible auto tuna clone there. I don't think there are any.

Not that I know of anyway. And Kess alien tech stuff used to be the big thing between clone masters. You get KTag and a Kess clone master. Well that's being changed now cause you've got the Kess three awesome tool. It's got O B D and bench all in the same tool and stuff. You can't clone it because it needs an internet connection to be able to work. So it's very, very, very difficult to clone because that internet connection is then linked to alien tech servers. So slave and master slave files are encrypted, you can only send it to the master. They cost significantly less, like 25% less the cost of a master a master tool. You can open all the files, you can tune them yourselves if you know how to tune the files. And then you can start a tuning network.

 But slave is the one you want if you don't know how to tune cars. And the master I asked for example, the network you're dealing with should be able to help you, as I've said in a previous video, not just with the tool itself, but with the whole aspects of tuning. And that's what we do, you know, with the diagnostics, with what's wrong with this car, how is this gonna affect this, da da, da, what to say to the customer, how to explain it to the customer and those sorts of things. So slave, good value for money will get you into tuning, will get you tuning and it will get you a profit, a master. If you know what you're doing great open files excellent. But if you don't know what you're doing, it can cause a lot of damage and cost significantly more. So I hope that's helped. Explain the slave and the master check back soon and we'll have another video out for you guys. Alright.