why choose MAX TUNE to join a remapping / Tuning Dealer Network??????

Hi guys. So wanted to talk to you today about becoming a Max Tune dealer. Now, why would you choose us over anybody else? This is a, you know, a good question and it's an important question. You know, there are lots of people out there offering remapping and offering, becoming a dealer. However, there are certain things that you could potentially keep yourself caught up in that you don't know about before you start. so yeah, the first thing to look for is tool price. If it's cheap, there's a reason why it's cheap. You know, I mean, just banging stuff out for numbers is great, I suppose if that's what you're looking for to make quick buck and not really care about the people that you are working with, then you know, that's fine. But maybe you should look at cheap isn't always best.

It never is, and it never will be. Buy cheaply, buy twice, don't you? You know, we've had quite a few dealers now moved from other file providers that have sold them at nearly half the price, and then they're unhappy with the backup service. They're unhappy with what happens. So and then they've moved to us, they've asked their tools to be released from their master and they've moved to us. So, you know, for us, it's not all, just about selling at all. we are providing a service. So, you know, we have dedicated tech support. So if there is a problem with the car, if there is a problem reading and writing, if there is a problem, you know with something that happens, we're available to talk on the phone. You can email us, you can send us a message through the portal, you know, and we will get back to you.

And we will be able to, you know, instruct you of what the best way to do is. And that time effort all costs money. So, yeah, the, the tool might be cheap, but what are you getting afterwards? If you're not gonna get the support and you're not gonna get what you really need, then there's no point in buying the, buying the tool from, from say there. You know, it's, it's an integral part, the after sales. So it's the after support that is just as important if not more important than the actual cost of the tool itself. You know, file prices for example. We are not the cheapest out there and nor do we claim to be and nor do we want to be. You know, there's no reason why we would want to be the cheapest because the service that we provide is second to none.

You know there are some people out there tuning cars that are slaves to a master that they can only WhatsApp, and then there's no guarantee you're gonna get a reply there and then, you know and that's not okay, that's not acceptable. Being able to speak to people, being able to call people, being able to get the answer relatively quickly whilst your customers sitting in the waiting room or you are outside their house, you know, you wanna know that there's, there's there, there's guidance and there's support there. and that's what we aim to provide and that's what we do provide. all of our dealers even across the world. So, you know, we have Canadian dealers, we've got Indian dealers, we've got Jamaican dealers, we've got Australian, you know, and yes, we are open during the, our opening hours, which are UK time, but the moment we're in, those questions are answered.

You know, a lot of, a lot of the guys send us tech support over their portal so they can, they write a message and then we'll pick it up first thing in the morning. We'll get the answer out to them straight away. and that works pretty well. we'll even ring you if it's during, in your hours. and you are there and you know, we don't mind ringing international numbers either. It's not a problem. UK numbers and the UK operatives that we have, Adidas, you know, that we are there all the time for as much as we possibly can. And yes, service costs money, you know, so you are gonna be paying for that service, but it's much easier and much nicer to know that when you are doing something, you've got backup and you've got support for that.

 there's nothing worse than doing something and you've got no support, you've got no backup and you don't know what you're doing wrong. What's happening, why is it doing that? You know, we've seen so many cars over the years, so many cars, we can pretty much tell you a problem with a car that you're gonna run into before you even look at it. and you know, it's, it's been able to give you the advice not only just on the tuning, but the diagnostic side of things, what to look for, where to go, why is this doing that? How is this doing that? you know, you, you're not gonna know everything. We've been doing it for so long that we've accumulated such a wealth of knowledge that we can do it for you. and, and we want to do that because, you know, being a hundred percent selfish, the more you guys know and the more help that we give you, the less agro you are in the future for us.

You know, if we just palm you off and don't care, well that doesn't help. That's not gonna resolve an issue for your customer. That's not gonna resolve an issue for you. You know, the tuning world isn't always a hundred billion percent perfect. It's not going to be bang on every single time you do it a hundred percent of the time. Life isn't like that. Anything you do, it's never going to be like that. And it's the support that you get once that issue arises that can be resolved very, very quickly concisely and we'll give you the accurate information. and for us that's way more important than just banging numbers out to people that are offering a remap for like 80 quid or 50 quid. That's not what we're interested in. We're interested in good quality files, we are interested in good quality tech support, we're interested in good quality communication.

We are there to help you and support you as much as we possibly can so that you can flourish. Because let's all be honest, if you are gonna be a dealer of ours, the more files you do, it's better for us as well. And we'd rather help you on that journey. We'd rather make you successful by providing you knowledge. That famous phrase, knowledge is power. If you don't have any and you're not given any, how the hell can you get any better? You can't. and so we wanna provide that for you. So as well as purchasing the tool from us, you get all the support, you get the help you get, the tech support you get you know, we'll, we'll be able to give you stuff that you can put over your social media if you tag us, we'll always repost stuff, you know, and we can start bri broadening your access to customer bases as well.

 so yeah, so think about that guys. You know, if you're looking to buy a tool, we're looking to get into remapping. Think about what it is that's important to you. If just a dirty Cheek tool is important to you and you just wanna buy files for 30 grid and just smash it on and don't care about your customers, great. We are not that company and we are not the company for you. If you want to look after your customers, if you want great tech support, if you want to grow, develop and become good at what you do, then we are the company for you. You know we've got dealers with Dinos across the world. we can remotely control their computers. So it's like us sitting in the car logging all the data because we remotely control their computers. All they're doing is literally merely our foot 2000 miles away pushing the accelerator pedal.

But we look at everything, we control everything. you know, we can see all the screens for the diner, we can see the screens for the data login, we can then develop files. And so we do a lot and lot of development with a lot of dealers that have their own Dinos, you know, so we can be developing sort of four or five cars a day rather than having one car and one diner, which helps, you know, so we've got huge experience which is growing all the time with all the new stuff that's coming out. You know, we have a lot of dealers that have new cars that come in and we'll go, right, okay, let's spend the day with you and we'll develop that and they'll do the runs and then there'll be someone else who'll have something and we'll go, Ooh, we haven't seen that before, right?

Stick it on the Dyno. Let's, let's do that. I mean, 95% of everything, we've probably seen it at some point. so yeah, so being a max Tune dealer means you get a whole lot more than just the tool, you know, and that's what we want to give to you guys. So thanks for watching. If you're interested, there's a link in the post. so you can go on and you can check out what else you get as a Max Tune dealer, it as a page. And yeah, there'll be loads of information down there. If you wanna email us, it's info max hyphen tune.com and we'll be able to inform email you a full information pack. So yeah. Awesome. Thanks guys for watching. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what we've got to say and we look forward to seeing you in the future as becoming a Max team dealer, being successful, getting into something that's very lucrative and we are looking forward to supporting you on the way. So yeah, that's cool. Take care.