Why do we offer Dimsport New Genius as a remapping / tuning tool?

So how are we all doing? so you're thinking it of becoming a max Tune dealer and you are unsure of what tool to to use. So we are gonna go through the new Genius today. I'm gonna just talk about it a little bit so you can get a good idea of what you can expect and what what's gonna happen. So this is the device itself. Okay? So now you may have seen Kess and KTtag. Well, DIMSport were the originals. AlienTech, who's the company that makes Kess and KTtag, they bought the hardware and then they bought the software off of Dims Sport to use. Just recently they've gone their own separate way and they've made it worse.

Genius is fully standalone when you read and write to the car, which is so important, especially if you've got a computer involved in the mix, you've always got another element that can go wrong. Windows is not always the most stable thing in the world, especially with their updates, so on and so forth. So the least you've got in the middle of the file and the ECU the better and the genius does this perfectly. The Screen itself is where you input the data. So you'll select the car it'll find the right protocol, and then you read the software. So you read the software for the car, you put it on the device. The only time you need a computer is when you take this genius to a computer to get the software off of the genius and upload it to us.

Okay The rest of the time, especially when it's writing, it takes its power from the OBD port and it has all of the protocols and all of the software on it. It does not need a computer to run and that is ideal. Now it will do a lot of cars and I mean a lot of cars. It will not do absolutely everything as no tool can do everything. Every tool has its strong points and its bad points and its coverage is always going to be limited. But with this you can only go through the OBD port, however, this is almost half the price of everything else.

This is 1,750 pounds, which if you tune four cars of 400 pounds, you've almost got your money back, four cars and you've got your money back and then you're in profit. We can do lease options on these three or five year lease options. that's through a company called Kenneth Leasing. and we have a couple of other finance companies that we can use as well. it's all subject to your credit rating, but this works out it over five years. It's about 35 quid a month, something like that, which is nothing. So this gets updated very regularly. Dim, sw,

And and bang on with the new protocols. So this will do you like brand new BMWs? This will do new Volkswagen Audi group stuff. This will do all the Mercs. This will do, this will do loads. As I say, check out in the description. If you are unsure and you want to see what tools are, I would say this is probably your first re mapping tool to get other stuff. They are awesome, don't get me wrong. They are awesome. and they're getting better. But for the most coverage, for the least amount of money spent, this is the one and this is stable. As I say, there's no computer in the mix. It is awesome. Alientech, autotuner, Cmd, they all need an internet connection. Let's say you haven't got one because you're out, I don't know. At customer's house, say for example, you're doing it mobile, you haven't got an internet connection, you ain't writing anything, mate. With this because you do not need an internet connection during the reading and writing process, you are always gonna be able to write this file. So yeah, that's genius. If you wanna become one of our authorized dealers, check out the authorized dealer page. There is so much information on there about what happens, what you can expect, what we'll do for you, and how we'll help you. So yeah, become one of our dealers and take your tuning to the max.