Remapping WHERE TO START????


Guys, how's everybody doing? I hope we're all okay. This episode I wanted to talk to you about entering the tuning industry. And there's a couple of things that I think isn't really made aware or you don't know until you are actually in the industry and you're actually doing it. and one of those that's really, really, really important when you are looking to join a, a dealer network, you are looking to get a slave tool from somebody and then supply their files. When you're looking to do that, you need to know that you can communicate with them properly. And what I mean by that is that for us, for example, we have email. You can load a ticket on a portal, you can call us, you can call the tech guys, you can WhatsApp us, you can use team Viewer, we can use Zoom calls.

 so we can speak to you anywhere in the world and we are always available when we're open. We will always get back to you as soon as we can if we can't. What I mean by soon as you can within sort of a couple of minutes, the information, we provide so much information and I think when you are looking to before you've even purchased a tool, if you are looking to join a company, you wanna be able to have communication with them and contact with them. So we will sit down with you. Well, if you're a thousand miles away, we can't sit we will have a call with you. We can talk to you about what the best tool is for your situation, what the best way of doing something is for you. we've been doing this so long now that we've seen most of it done most of it.

 and know the pitfalls and know the good bits and know the easier, quicker, faster, more efficient ways around tuning and what's best for you. for us, we've found that most of the people that move from one master, so they've got a slave tool, they've got a tool that was linked to somebody and they move to us. The biggest bug bear that they have nine times out of 10 is communication and file quality. Those two, that's what's the, that's the biggest thing that we hear and communication for us is when I started the company. and when I do and when we do do tuning for me, communication, honesty and information is the key to be able to make everything as easy as possible and efficient and mm as profitable as possible. Because if you've got a customer sitting in a waiting room and you've tuned a car and you are with a master that doesn't communicate with you, you've sent an email off and it's two hours later that guy's still sitting in the waiting room. He's still sitting there waiting for his car and you dunno what to tell him because it's a slave file. So you don't know what's gone on. Why is it taking so long? Have they decided not to do it? Have they

Decided that they can't do it and not told you? Or are they gonna send you something that isn't really finished and then you've gotta spend another hour on it? It's just communication. So when you send us a file, if there's something even that we think remotely might be an issue, and it turns out not to be, we'll still tell you and we'll still keep you informed. even if there isn't an issue, you know, you, we have an hour's turnaround time and we stick to that hour. If there is any way that that is going to be slightly longer, we will tell you, we'll let you know and we'll go, right, okay, well we're gonna need some logs here, but by which time we would've already told you probably half an hour in we'll say, look, we need some logs or we need these codes or we need like a something extra.

 can you help, can you provide that to us so we can give you the best file possible? you know, we will communicate you and tell you that if there is a we, we'll even try and help you before we've even tuned the car. So if there's something that you don't think is quite right with the car, you know, we can help you diagnose that we've been there, done it, seen it properly, most of the stuff that goes wrong. We can even encourage, we can even instruct you on how to use your diagnostics tool to get the information that we need. Boost logs, fuel pressure logs those sorts of things. And if you don't know, then we can certainly help you with doing that. We can give you all the information about the stuff you're gonna need and all this before you've even bought a tool from us.

Like we'll help you as much as we possibly can. You're part of the max tune network, you're part of our dealer network and for me, you are just an extension of my business when it comes to tuning. You do what el whatever else you like with your, with your business, you know, but when it comes to tuning, I look at you guys an extension of me and I don't want to be that guy that or that company that people going. Everybody that uses us so far and it's been sort of 15 years have been awesome. This is what we've wanted. Thank you so much. Ah, it's great to have the information. Oh, I never knew that. Thank you for telling me. And that's customers and dealers. So we, we concentrate on our dealer network now. So you guys that are looking to join or have joined you are our business and we make you our business and we want to help you and grow you as much as possible with all the knowledge that we possibly can.

Purely because potentially on a selfish side of things you are less agro if you know what you are doing because we train you properly. You've got all the information, we've given you the correct ideas, we've helped you with the diagnostics and stuff. You give us less aggravation. And the less aggravation means that it's a much happier working relationship and it's much easier for you to be able to communicate what's happening to your customers that are the people that are paying you money at the end of the day. and you need to make them as comfortable, reassured, informed as possible. And

We will do our utmost and we do do our utmost to make that achievable. so yeah, when you are looking at joining a network or you've been looking at buying a slave tool, know where it comes from. Do they talk to you? Have they emailed you? Have you had a conversation with them? Not all tuning software is the same. I promise you that. Not all tuning software is the same. We've seen some stuff in the past and we've gone, wow, how does that car even run? But think about it. Think that if they're not even communicating you with you or it's difficult to communicate with you or they don't have a huge support stuff, like we know one guy that only takes WhatsApp messages, how, how can you run a dealer network only taking WhatsApp messages? That's mental. so if you are, as I say, if you are looking to do it, make sure you're gonna get communication as well as good file quality.

 it's not all about the price. We are not the cheapest out there. We are not the most expensive, but we off try and offer good value for money. But I, I do, I do. Knowledge is power. That's what they say. And, and it is so true. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more powerful you can be with your business and with the tuning with the tuning side of things to your business as well. and we will aim to give that to you. Why would we wanna hold it back from you? Why would we want to ignore you? You, you are our customer. You, you personally, not your customer. You, you and we want to make sure that you are happy, okay? Informed good file quality comes with that as well. You can be confident that what you are putting on your customer's car is not going to give you another five day headache because it's broken.

It, you know, that's just absolutely mental. you can be assured that you can go to your customer and say, oh, you know, look, it's been 45 minutes. I've just had a chat with the guys. You know, we are gonna be there soon or soon about there or thereabouts. or if there's anything that we need from you anymore information or something about the car, you know, we'll communicate that with you and talk to you also. If you are just unsure about, oh, what car do I select? What, what ECU is it that I select? How do I do that? Just, just pick up the phone, send us a message, open a ticket, do whatever. And and we can help you inform you pretty much straight away so you are not left there going what do I do? That is the worst thing we give you full training on at all as well.

And we can do that. Even if you are I don't know outer Mongolia, if you've got internet connection, we can control your computer, we can do a zoom call, we can help you get set up and we can even tune a car with you whilst you are doing it and we'll be on the phone whilst you've got a camera on or you've got the phone on or whatever. We can, we can get you to tune your first car remotely. So it doesn't matter if you are in the country or you are out the country in the uk. So, and those things make a huge difference to you when you're first starting out. Cuz the worst thing is you don't know really how it works or what's happening until you've done it. We've been there, done it, got the t-shirt, we know how it works, we know what's best and I would rather have fewer dealers but better quality dealers than just having, just taking your money and going, yeah, yeah, that's fine.

And then doing nothing. That's not me. That's not okay. And I'm not an advocate of that. And there are companies out there that will do that. You know, they'll just go, yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll do that, we'll do that. And then, and then nothing happens. They just send you a tool you don't know what to do with it and you're like, right, how does that work? You try and contact with them hour later they might give you a call back, customers still sitting in the waiting room. you know, and all those sorts of things. So we will do our, and we do do our utmost to negate the need for you to be left in the dark because at the end of the day, your customer's the one that's giving you the money you need to keep them happy. You are our customer. We will always try and keep you happy because on a selfish point, as I said before, it's easier for us if you know what you're doing and that you know how stuff works.

 but also for you and your peace of mind so you can be confident when you're talking to the customer. Cause it's nothing worse than not really knowing what you're saying to be able to go in, right, okay, they've done this, they've done this for you, we've done this, we've done that. this is where we're at, this is how it's going. Should be about half an hour and we could get you on your way. Customer sits there going great, they know what they're doing. They've come and spoken to me. you know, they're informed. Great, I know what I'm doing. You'll be able to tell them stuff that they didn't know because we'll tell you that you didn't know. you know, the intricacies of how the DPF structures work and things like that and, and how it's all interconnected. And then people, cuz don't forget, a lot of people lie in, in the automotive industry cause they don't know.

Instead of saying, I don't know, they'll make something up and go, oh well it's, it's this. And you go, oh no, why did you say that? But because we've seen it done it got the t-shirt, we can tell you and we can inform you and help you to know what is correct, what is happening, what is the best way of resolving an issue or what is the best way to get good software on a vehicle that your customer's gonna be over the moon with. So then they will go, do you know what mate? I had my car remapped last night. You know, the guy you need to go and see is this guy. Cause he told me all the information, I wasn't left in the dark. It was good value for money. And honestly the car's mega that's the conversation. That's what, that's the sentence that you want your customers be telling their friends and we'll aim to get you there.

We've got all the information that we can so we can do that for you and we want to do that for you. So communication in the first point. So you know, if you are looking to get to the industry, communication at the start is vital cuz you need to know what you're getting involved with, what tools are gonna be best for you, how much things cost. We don't tie you into anything so we don't tie you into a contract. Some companies that offer a tuning network, they will tie you in and they need X amount of software for you to be doing even if you don't upload that amount of files as you are paying for it anyway. We don't have any of that. There's no contracts, there's no tie-ins, there's no minimum files because at the end of the day, people and our dealers stay with us and we've got a lot now on every single continent around the world.

 our dealers stay with us because they want to, not because we force them to. And I'll never force anybody to do anything. You'll stay with us and you'll be with us and you'll grow with us because of what we offer. So I hope that helps and I hope that if you do choose another company, there's absolutely loads of, there are quite a few out there. there are loads in fact around the world that are actually really good guys. You know, and they do, they do do this and they do have communication. They, I'm not saying that we are the only company out there that we can do that and we are the only ones. That's not what I'm saying. There are some really good guys, but what I'm saying is you don't wanna get caught up with the wrong ones. and that's what this video's about, really just trying to help you think about what to look for because before you've done this, you don't know.

You don't know unless you get information about it. So that's what we're trying to do. so think about it. Before you do anything, make sure you can talk to 'em, make sure the fuel, the quality's good and, and just yeah, basically make sure that they've got all that training, all that help, all that stuff in place before you go and do something because it's your customers and your name that's gonna get affected and we don't want that and nobody wants that. And especially you don't want that. If you are offering something to somebody, you want to know what it is you are offering them and you wanna be confident about it as well. So yeah, hope you've enjoyed that. I hope, I genuinely hope that helps and, and stops you guys being able to get into any pitfalls. We don't want that. So hopefully that helps and yeah, keep watching. Alright, thanks guys.